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A Global Perspective

Sara Waddington - Editor

International Sheet Metal Review was launched in February 1999 by the Mack-Brooks Group, owners and organisers of the leading sheet metal technology show in the world, EuroBLECH.

Our aim for the magazine was clear: to produce the best-written, best-designed and most in-depth sheet metal magazine in the market that was truly international. Just like the sheet metal business and the forming technology itself, we would not be bound by national borders. Fourteen years later, ISMR stands as a very successful magazine, thoroughly respected in its field and gaining in market share and market penetration all the time.

ISMR is now published by TRMG as a hard copy magazine ten times per year. The magazine has enjoyed success under the TRMG banner and is supported by an electronic newsletter for readers.

Technology Driven

Bobby Bagha,
Global Commercial Manager

ISMR offers news, views, product reviews, technical articles, case studies and interviews from all over the world. Whether it's the sheet metal pressworking technology for end-use sectors such as automotive and electronic connectors, or the sheet metal fabrication business, manufacturing domestic appliances, furniture and much more – ISMR covers them all, in-depth, with the focus on technology.

Ten Issues Per Year

After our successful launch period, demand required that we increase our frequency to ten issues per year, and to invest in additional members of staff to underpin our growth. In addition to the printed issues of ISMR, we now also produce an electronic newsletter. To receive ISMR, please click on the 'register' button, or one of the other buttons for further information. To contact the publishing team, please send an email to

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