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Aluminium strip processing

Henan Tongren Aluminium Co. Ltd.  a Chinese manufacturer specialising in the production of aluminium products – has awarded Tenova a new contract for a continuous annealing and chemical pre-treatment line for processing strip coils for the aluminium market. It will be installed in Sanmenxia, Henan Province (China). This totals over fifteen references in China, North America and Europe for Tenova.

The new line will process automotive and aircraft aluminium alloys (family series 2XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX and 7XXX) with a strip width range from 1000mm up to 2,650mm and thicknesses ranging from 0.3 up to 4.5mm. Envisaged total production for the line is about 100,000 tons/year with a process speed of 60 m/min.

The line is equipped with double unwinding pay-off reels and a tailor-made stitcher with automatic spray lubrication system. The entry side trimmer features an integrated scrap chopper. The alkali degreasing section is a spray tunnel with a multi-stage cascade rinsing section. Entry and exit loopers are horizontal types with motorised double winch systems. The chemical process starts with an acid tunnel etching section, followed by no-rinse spray titanium zirconium passivation and a squeegee roll coater for oxylane product for automotive adhesive bonding applications,” Tenova told ISMR.

The exit side includes a tension leveller; a pre-aging furnace; an automatic surface inspection system; a dry lube smelter and a rotary shear. The thermal portion is supplied by EBNER Industrieofenbau GmbH, one of the leading suppliers of floating furnaces for aluminium heat treatment processing line equipment. The line is expected to start production at the beginning of 2021.

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