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Fasteners for thin metal assemblies

Patented PEM® R’ANGLE® fasteners for thin metal assemblies and printed circuit boards create strong right-angle attachment points to enable tighter design control, reduced hardware counts and associated production economies. This family of fasteners consists of self-clinching types for permanent installation into metal sheets and ReelFast® SMT surface mount versions for permanent installation onto printed circuit boards.
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Portable fume extractor

Extractability, a division of Weldability-Sif, is a UK-based “one-stop source” for welding fume extraction solutions. The company has just launched the new ProtectoTwin unit, a twin high-pressure turbine with infinitely adjustable speed control designed to extract and filter the metal particulate fumes created in welding processes.
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Triple action presses

Taiwanese press specialist, SPC Dees Hydraulic provides a full line of large capacity triple action presses to help customers drastically cut production costs. Established in 1976, the company is an experienced press manufacturer in Taiwan. It supplies hydraulic press machinery with easy-to-operate functionality and a range of professional support services for customers.
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3D scanning solution

AGT Robotics, a manufacturer of low-volume/high-mix robotic equipment, in partnership with Creaform, a specilaist in portable 3D measurement solutions and 3D engineering services, have released the new ScanMaster, which it dubs ‘the market’s only turnkey 3D scanning solution for automated quality control applications to feature Creaform TRUaccuracy™ technology’.
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Digital process chain

AutoForm Engineering GmbH, a leading supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has unveiled its latest software version, AutoForm plus R6. This release offers a new set of powerful functionalities to support users along the entire digital sheet metal process chain.
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Cost estimation & metal forming simulation

Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI), a leading developer of sheet metal forming solutions, has announced the worldwide release of FormingSuite Sculptured Die Face (SDF) to address the needs of cost estimation, process planning and metal forming simulation.
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Press forming and tapping

Taiwanese manufacturer, YSM (YIH SHEN MACHINERY CO., LTD.) has been producing press forming machines since the 1980s and has developed a solid expertise in machinery R&D. Recently the company successfully sold its high-end press forming machines to the European market.
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The final cut

The SGX plasma and oxy-fuel automated cutting machine from ESAB is designed to be compact, rugged and easy to use. Its compact size optimises valuable floor space for standard definition or high precision plasma, as well as CNC oxy-fuel cutting. One-metre rail increments maximise production space, while a low rail design allows loading and unloading of material by fork truck – a benefit for shops with no overhead crane.
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Single-point, multi-slide motion mech press

INGYU Precision Industries Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese high speed press manufacturer, established for over 40 years.
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Stamping and forming

The new RM-NC servo-stamping and forming machine from Bihler is designed for efficient manufacture of classical stamped and formed parts in small and medium batches.
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