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Inspection and measurement

March 2017


GOM GmbH (based in Braunschweig, Germany), is expanding its ATOS series with a new sensor for full-field digitisation and inspection of contoured part geometries. The fringe projection system is used for production quality assurance of small to medium-sized parts. ATOS Capsule is used, for example, for first article inspection of gears, turbine blades and wheels as well as medical parts. In addition to surface deviations from CAD, GD&T data and detailed information is automatically produced.

“ATOS 3D scanners have become firmly established in optical metrology. The ATOS Capsule combines proven GOM technologies, such as Blue Light Technology and the triple scan principle, with the latest housing design that provides optimum protection against dust and splashing water for industrial use. The maximum stiffness of the uni-body housing enables the sensor to achieve the required process stability for automated applications and precise measuring results,” GOM told ISMR.

GOM ATOS series

In the standardised measuring machine ATOS ScanBox, the ATOS Capsule system is used for fully automated measurement and inspection. The ATOS ScanBox is a complete optical 3D measuring machine developed by GOM for quality control in production and manufacturing processes. For different part sizes and applications, flexible and partly mobile solutions are available. Using the photogrammetric add-on sensor, ATOS Plus, bigger components or several parts can be measured simultaneously in an ATOS ScanBox.

“Two versions of the ATOS Capsule are available with different levels of detail. The system captures 8- or 12 million points per scan with changeable measuring areas. The dimensions of the sensor, its low weight and the short working distance simplify its application in practice,” concluded GOM. 

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