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Plasma generation

July 2016

Reproducible plasma processes are the key to consistent results in applications such as the manufacture of semiconductor elements, microchips, solar cells and flat screens. Models in TRUMPF’s TruPlasma RF Series 1000 and TruPlasma RF 3006 range of RF generators are now equipped with additional features to ensure higher process stability, increased efficiency and simple system integration.


“Using CombineLine, the TRUMPF RF coupling technology, TRUMPF RF generators already guarantee stable power supply. Nevertheless, new technology has boosted that stability even more. In comparison with alternatives, the integrated ‘smart’ auto frequency tuning feature does not follow the trial-and-error method. Instead, it intelligently adjusts the process,” said the manufacturer.

“TRUMPF RF generators are known for their high efficiency of up to 80%, enabled by innovative Class D converter topology. They offer a reduction in power loss of up to 50% in comparison with market standards, so costs are substantially lower. This has now been enhanced by a fan-less cooling concept that not only reduces the demand for cooling water, but also allows for maintenance-free operation and lower downtime. Another technological development is a wide-ranging power supply of 200 to 480 Volts. This makes it easier to adapt to voltages in different markets and ensures smooth installation anywhere in the world,” TRUMPF told ISMR.

The new TruPlasma Match Series 1000 matchboxes for impedance adjustment are additions to the TRUMPF RF generators. They are equipped with a signal processing solution and advanced software for improved communication with the generator.

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