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Made in Steel conference

Made in Steel

Ecological transition; regionalisation of markets and neo-protectionism; digital innovation; economic acceleration after the COVID-19 crisis - these are just some of the macro trends that are changing the steel value chain and will be discussed during the ninth edition of Made in Steel, the conference and exhibition in Milan, Italy, from 5-7 October 2021.

"It will be different from 2019,” said Emanuele Morandi, President and managing director of Made in Steel, adding that it will focus not so much on quantity as on the quality of content and the ability to generate ideas and relationships. The key words, he said, will be “renaissance, rebirth and restart.”

Made in Steel is dedicated to the international steel supply chain. It is organized by 'Siderweb - The steel community', an Italian body for information, analysis and consultancy specialising in the steel industry. The event is both a showcase and a cultural hub which (through conferences, fora and round tables) aims to “promote the essential elements for corporate growth, competitive collaboration and exchange of information.”

On Wednesday 6 October 2021, the Federacciai general meeting will be held in the Siderweb Conference Room at 2.30 p.m. The full conference programme includes European steel forecasts; sustainability; distribution; the ‘steel of tomorrow’; markets and supply chains as well as steel consumption figures. The full programme of conferences can be found on

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