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Lantek MES Manager, manufacturing execution system

Smart factory solutions

MRP, ERP and MES manufacturing software solutions support better resource planning, scheduling and tracking, as well as lean manufacturing operations. When considering an ERP system versus MRP for a manufacturing organisation, the core competences and historical pedigree of the system must match your business.

Smooth and efficient processes reduce time and costs for manufacturers. Many are now embracing the challenge of digital transformation, and eyeing new strategic technologies, as the path to Industry 4.0 beckons. Artificial intelligence, automation/robotics, Big Data and Augmented Reality are just some of the technologies in this mix, but the key to understanding and optimising production also rests with the software used to control, coordinate, analyse and optimise the flow of information and material/parts through a factory.

Cost-effectively managing a manufacturing business or discrete manufacturing business is complex—especially when it’s growing. It’s essential to have a manufacturing solution that provides real-time access to accurate business intelligence to help ensure better resource planning, scheduling and tracking, as well as support lean manufacturing operations. Robust, scaleable, modular tools for process, material and throughput optimisation allow manufacturers to align production goals with cash flow and profitability objectives.

From engineering and planning to production and quality control, manufacturing software packages offer the tools a business needs to create ‘the best possible product in the most efficient and cost-effective manner’. These suites can be used to streamline product design and configuration; track and manage product components; automate production scheduling; accelerate the manufacturing process and improve product quality.

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