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Boldrini-Faccin Tanks & Pressure Vessels Heads Webinar

This webinar showcases what users need to know before investing in dished head lines and related processes such as dished heads hot forming, hydroforming special dished ends, manufacturing heavy duty dished head lines, dishing presses and manipulators, aluminium dished head forming and more.

Special guest: Industrial Machinery for Metal Forming Expert, Rino Boldrini

TRUMPF laser cutting: Highspeed Eco – Extremely fast, extremely economical

This video shows the economical fusion cutting in unrivaled speed with the solid-state laser. A comparison between different cutting processes shows: The touchdown nozzle reduces gas consumption and increases speed without reducing quality. You can increase the sheet throughput with medium to high sheet thicknesses up to 100%. At the same time, the gas consumption is reduced by as much as 70%.

SERVOPRESSE Corporate Video

SERVOPRESSE was founded in 1970 with the aim of designing and producing feeding lines for presses and machines that use sheet metal coils.

FACCIN Corporate Video 2017

Faccin’s Total Inhouse Production Process, the best way to guarantee the highest quality in the manufacture of bending rolls, angle rolls, dished-head lines and special machines.

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